Naturalization is a process where a Lawful Permanent Resident ( Green Card holder) can become a United States citizen. The process is relatively simple. However there are many factors to determine whether an individual is not only eligible to naturalize, but whether he or she is statutorily eligible to naturalize. The general rule of thumb is that an individual must be a Lawful Permanent Resident for a minimum of five (5 ) years and must have resided in the United States 50% of the time. The one exception to the five (5) year rule is if a person became a lawful Permanent Resident through marriage to a United States citizen. In this case the individual only needs three (3) years as a Lawful Permanent Resident provided he/she is still married and living with his or her citizen spouse. The process as stated is not complicated, but an attorney should be consulted to insure a smooth transition and approval of the application.