On June 18, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Trump Administrations attempt to terminate DACA and sent it back for further consideration. The court stated that the decision by the Trump administration to end the program was arbitrary and capricious, in other words the decision was not given much thought. The court did not make any mention as to whether DACA when enacted by president Obama in June of 2012.

People who currently have DACA can file to renew. People whose DACA expired more than one (1) year ago cannot file to renew. Instead they must file a new application. People who are/were eligible but did not apply must wait to see what Immigration ( USCIS ) decides to do.

Immigration, ( USCIS ) may issue a new Memorandum rescinding DACA. This could come very quickly or could be put on hold for a future time, such as after the November presidential election.

The ultimate responsibility for granting lasting relief for DACA recipients and or DREAMERS, rests not in the hands of the Executive Branch (President ) but that of Congress.

Most Americans, Democrats and Republicans want Dreamers to remain in the United States.

It’s about time that the Congress of these United States stops playing politics and does their job. Many lives and futures depend on this process.

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